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Magic Massage Gel

Nuru Standard - 200 ML

NURU South Africa

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Nuru Standard - 200 ML

Original Nuru Massage Gel products, "Nuru" is water based gel of total 3 formulas: Shake, Standard and Platinum. Nuru Gel assures your total well-being, because its formula is water-based—non-greasy, no taste, no odor...and above all, never... ever sticky!

The main ingredient is a type of seaweed that provides a slick texture while nourishing the skin. Nuru has been sold all over the world for a long time, yet no allergies related to the use of Nuru massage gels have ever been reported by our partners or our retailers.

Nuru is a natural gel consisting of seaweed and other nourishing natural ingredients, all chosen for their excellent cosmetic properties in order to ensure that every moment of a Nuru massage is safe and pleasurable.

Here is a question that we are often asked: does it stain? No, it leaves no marks on the sheets once it evaporates. Another equally important question: can I use it with condoms and sex toys?

Yes, it's perfectly safe. Call it a fantasy or a dream...

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